Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Unreal 4 Environment Progress

Here are some progress shots of the environment in Unreal 4. UE4's lighting system is really robust, its easy to get nice looking lighting setups. At this stage my blockout is just about finished, and all the pieces are grid snapped to fit together well in Unreal (I used the base 2 measuring system). The modular components are figured out, so now I'm focusing on nailing down lighting. The first read for the environment are big graphic shapes, which can be altered by the way light and shadow falls across them, creating a second read. Figuring out a nice harmony of these two precedes good looking textures. Once the lighting is ready to go, I'll block in some simple diffuse and roughness to get an idea for what materials can look like. Once that's finished, I can jump into asset production!

I also included some sketches and concept development work for the project. Most of the big architectural forms are worked out, so with these sketches and designs I'm focusing on secondary and tertiary details. To develop the form language, I took simple shapes like squares, triangles, and circles and embellished them in the art deco and sci fi style I'm using. I also did studies of panels, doors and windows. A simple floor plan and elevation plan helped work out where to place assets and how to connect different floors and rooms.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Low Poly Weapon

I decided to do a quick low poly weapon today. I did a sketch of an axe and modeled it in Maya. The texture was hand-painted in Photoshop. Low poly and diffuse only, none of that other fancy stuff. With the design I tried to stick to simple shapes, circles, 45 degree angle changes and lots of repetition throughout the model. Its kinda sci-fi, which I like, though strong square and diagonal shapes have long been a hallmark of traditional fantasy design for dwarves. Moria from Fellowship of the Ring or the dwemer from Skyrim are good examples of this classic form language.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Collector's Museum

I'm working on a continuation of my art deco style IP. This environment is the private art and artifact collection of a mysterious businessman. The goal is to have a small completed level in Unreal 4. I started with a basic level layout and design for the collection, and got some great architecture and design input from my friend Gabe (check out his art at http://www.gyeganyan.com/). I did a lot of sketches for the style of the level, from architectural forms to details. I am still in the blockout stage, and trying to nail down the shapes and colors before I commit to final game assets. This is the atrium and main hall of the level, though it will have more rooms. I'm excited to see where it goes!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Pixel Art

Some pixel art stuff I made for fun over the past year or two. Enjoy~

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wing Engine

I remade the header image for my portfolio site, here is some of the process for it. I was going for a kind of dieselpunk, final fantasy vibe with this one. I started with some rough concept sketches, then modeled the the wing and engine low poly in Maya. The wing sculpt was made in Zbrush and baked in Xnormal. Textured finished in dDo. I included some different lighting variations of the wing within Marmoset Toolbag.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Post-Graduation Art Dump

Hi all! So I graduated in May and figured it's about time to post my final pieces and process work for my senior show. I had a lot of fun at the show and tons of people came by to play my demo game. It was crazy learning Unity and making something people could actually play!

Low poly diorama in the Blizzard World of Warcraft style. The house is only one quarter that is duplicated. All the textures are hand-painted.

Luger P08 I modeled and textured. High poly bake done in Xnormal, details in dDo, and real time render in Marmoset Toolbag.

Low poly environment piece based on the airlock from the end of James Cameron's Aliens.

Art deco clock based on Paul Frankl's original product design.

My completed tundra environment. It needed a lake. Runs real time in the Unity Game Engine.

Slate rocks for the environment. Modeled in Zbrush.

On the left are hand-sculpted tiling textures from Zbrush with a bit of photo texturing thrown in. Thanks to Bryan Koszoru for a killer introduction to the tiling texture workflow! On the right is my rock texture sheet.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spring 2014 WIP

Here is some work in progress from my current semester. The exterior scenes have terrain generated in World Machine and I did some paintovers to get lighting and texture ideas.

This is a low-poly World of Warcraft style diorama. It's a stargazer's house that was hit by an asteroid. The irony!